Play excerpt: The Backfire

When I ‘came out’ as dissociative disordered to my friends, this was exactly what went down. Years later, some multiples and I compared notes, and they said the same thing happened to them! The dialogue in this scene begins immediately after Adrienne tentatively blurts out that she’s multiple.

(Note: the Freak Sign refers to a huge Las-Vegas-style lighted sign that Adrienne is lugging around above her head.)

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(ADRIENE, FRIEND RAY seated at an outdoor bistro table. Coffee and cake all around. They’ve been there for a while already. ADRIENE, sporting the FREAK sign, is on the verge of passing out from the horror. FRIEND RAY oblivious to her pal’s inner turmoil.)

FRIEND RAY: …Phew! So THAT’S it!…that explains so much!


FRIEND RAY: We used to wonder what was up with you.

ADRIENE: Wait…WHA…– are you f***ing kidding me! …
you mean you’re not even going to argue?! Nobody just CONFIRMS Multiple Personality Disorder like THAT (snaps fingers once) to somebody they KNOW! You’re supposed to tell me this is BOGUS! You’re SUPPOSED to convince me I’m WRONG!

FRIEND RAY: Oh phwah haha no way! You were always so mysterious. You never once mentioned your family…

ADRIENE: I didn’t?

(FRIEND RAY starts taking off ADRIENE’s FREAK sign. ADRIENE doesn’t notice, stares straight ahead, dumbfounded)

FRIEND RAY: And you had the most intense, crazy nightmares I’ve ever heard of… and all these paranormal experiences… No one could figure you out! This puts all the pieces together. Haha! Wow, this explains… EVERYTHING.      
ADRIENE: (Flies could breeze in and out of her gaping pie hole) But I…but but…                                                      

(Pregnant pause)

I mean, good GRIEF, was it THAT obvious?!

FRIEND RAY: Oh yeah!

ADRIENE: Noooooooo! No no no! You’re SUPPOSED to convince me that I don’t have it! I DON’T have it. That’s your role here.

FRIEND RAY: Bah. You are definitely multiple personality disordered.

ADRIENE: Pleeeeease?

FRIEND RAY: Haha noooo way! ‘Fraid you’re stuck with it.

ADRIENE: awww …Shit!

(FRIEND RAY bites into cake)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~